CRY TRANSLATOR / Cry translator

There is no greater feeling than having a baby to love, nurture and watch grow…but nobody says it’s easy. Babies cry one to four hours per day for five main reasons; they are hungry, sleepy, discomfort, stressed or bored. Distinguishing why your baby is crying is a learned skill. The Cry Translator will reassure parents they are doing the right things to calm and comfort their little one while teaching them how to better read their baby’s first language – their cry.

The Cry Translator eases the anxiety of many parents by building their confidence in understanding and comforting their infant.

> Identifies a cry within three-five seconds

> Deciphers the broad meaning of a baby's cry with 96 percent accuracy*.

> Can be attached or integrated into a variety of products (i.e. baby monitor, smart phone, intercoms, etc)

> Decreases parental and infant stress by allowing a child’s needs to be met more quickly.

> Provides lifetime learning to parents/caregivers in interpreting their child’s crying

*based on clinical trials conducted by an impartial third party Device as shown is prototype only. Final product design still in development.


The Cry Translator is the first handheld device of its kind to provide a fast and accurate translation of an infant’s cry.

The Cry Translator is designed for all infants. The device is extremely simple to use with an On/Off switch and Start button the parent/caregiver presses to translate a cry.

When placed near a crying baby the device will, within 3-5 seconds, illuminate the LCD screen with one of the five distinct, emotional or physiological states of being, “hungry”, “bored”, “discomfort”, “sleepy” or “stressed”. This instant confirmation of the infant’s emotional state allows the parent/caregiver to respond appropriately and quickly to comfort the child.

The Cry Translator is NOT a medical device but a tool to help parents and caregivers better understand what their infant is trying to communicate. It is not meant to replace but to assist in a parent’s natural ability to understand a child’s needs. If a parent or caregiver is concerned about their baby’s health, they should contact a doctor.

Clinical studies have shown the Cry Translator can decipher the broad meaning of a baby’s cry with 96 percent accuracy.


The Cry Translator eases the anxiety many parents have in caring for their child. The Cry Translator teaches them to recognize their baby’s different cries so they have more confidence in caring for their baby.

> Understand in three seconds what the baby is saying in his own language.

> To be able to apply the correct solution to every single need.

> Increases baby's wellbeing.

> Helps in developing the baby's confidence by being understood, reducing crying time.

> Improves Baby-Parent Relationship.

> Increases parents/minders wellbeing. Parents, as well as babies find ther confidence increased by being understood and being able to understand.

> Avoiding stressful situations, despair, annoyance of babies and parents. There isn't anything as frustrating for the baby and for those who look after him that unknowing why they cry or how to calm them.

> Anyone, even those who don't know a particular baby, can now understand him or her. The baby can now comunicate with anyone what he/her needs or wants any time.

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