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Cry translator
Biloop holds the world-wide patent for the sound translation technology used in the Cry Translator. There is no other sound translation device of its kind available on the market.

The Cry Translator technology can be incorporated into infant products or used in industrial, medical or veterinary applications.


The cost of licensing this innovative new sound technology will depend on the exclusivity and intended scale of the license.

The three types of licensing arrangements are:

1. Fabrication and distribution of the Cry Translator as a portable device or application.

2. Incorporation of the Cry Translator technology into another baby-related product.

3. Utilization of the sound recognition technology in a non-child related industry and application.

If you would you like more information about licensing possibilities of the technology embedded in the Cry Translator, please send a brief proposal to us CLICK AQUÍ. Please include your company name, company description, contact person, type of license of interest and the planned export markets.

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