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Luis Meca, President & CEO

Luis Meca specializes in finance and business strategy. He has more than 22 years of business experience with nine years spent developing trade relations with North America.

Luis became interested in the science of crying when is youngest son was a baby. He sought a tool or technology that could help him understand why his infant son was crying. This desire for knowledge and belief that better understanding what an infant is trying to translate establishes a closer relationship between the baby and the parent led him to Pedro. In 2005, he and Pedro invented and patented their sound recognition technology.

They have spent the last few years researching and developing the first application of their technology: the Cry Translator.

Luis’s innovative thinking and vision has been critical in the creation of the Cry Translator and will lead to the development of future applications using their patented technology.

Luis Meca

Pedro Barrera, Vice President of R&D

Electronic and communications engineer. He worked for Philips as a Field Application Engineer for many years and is an active member of the IEEE. Pedro is the designer of the Spanish teletext and has given advice and assistance to most of the world’s consumer electronics application laboratories.

Pedro’s deep knowledge of electronic instrumentation, bioengineering and electro medicine allowed him to create the first ever system to digitally recognize the emotional and physiological differences in a baby’s cry.

Further research and development of the cry recognition technology prompted him, along with Luis, to invent and patent a technology that can electronically identify sounds for a variety of applications.

With 23 years of experience working with multinational manufacturers of electronics, Pedro provides the engineering know-how to set up the design and production of any electronic device that incorporates Biloop’s sound recognition technology.

Pedro Barrera

Joseph Compta, Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Joseph Compta’s experience excels in the areas of team building and corporate growth.

A successful entrepreneur for the past 20 years, he has owned and operated Mulligan Agencies Ltd., a company that has provided marketing and sales solutions for U.S. and European based companies wishing to do business in the North American retail marketplace.

Mr. Compta has also been involved in a number of major consulting projects specializing in the development of product/brand image and developing successful corporate strategies for small to medium size companies.

Mr. Compta brings a fresh, new global outlook to Biloop Technologic, S.L. Ltd.

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