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IB3_news - There may be no deeper frustration for a new parent than staring into the tear-glazed face of your crying baby and wondering What? What?! What are you trying to tell me, my preverbal friend?


"All babies should have The Cry Translator to be understood as soon as possible."
Maria Luisa, Spain

"The Cry Translator was indicating my baby was stressed, I thought he was hungry .My baby was annoyed because I hadn't fed him on time." - Sara, Canada

"When I must leave my baby with someone else I always leave him with The Cry Translator. It's nice to know that my baby will be well looked after and properly understood."
- Lisa, Canada

We thought we knew what our baby meant when he cried, but once we used The Cry Translator our house was a lot peaceful, our baby cried a lot less often."
- Maria, Spain

"I was worried that if I was unable to show my daughter what her baby's cry meant; The Cry Translator was the solution."
- Virginia (grandma), USA

"It's incredible, it was impressive when The Cry Translator indicated the nappies were full... and they were."
- Ana, Spain

"Its a 21st Century Thermometer. Every house with a baby should have a Cry Translator."
- Ken, Canada

"As parents, after a period of trial and error, we have learned on most occasions why our baby cries. To find out now in only three seconds is just amazing."
- Debra, Canada

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